Wednesday, 8 November 2017

How To Change Hotmail Password?

The Hotmail is one of the smartest choices when it comes to email services on the Internet. The Hotmail is just perfect; because it offers everything a user may want in the email server and the user of the Hotmail get direct access to the Microsoft applications because Hotmail is the email server from the house of the Microsoft. The users of the Hotmail are all around the globe which shows how popular the Hotmail is and how professionals trust their work and important details with a Hotmail account. The users can easily sign up for the Hotmail for free and can upgrade to paid services if want, but if the user wants they can continue using the free version of Hotmail which is pretty amazing in itself. The users of the Hotmail hardly face troubles, but when they face troubles only the experts can help them.

The Hotmail brings everything impossibly close by offering a platform for managing all the work, data at one place and the users want to secure it at any cost which includes changing the password in regular interval. Changing password on a regular basis help in keeping the Hotmail account safe from the prying eyes and here are the steps how the users can do it.

  • Open your Hotmail account and click on view your account and then goes to the security option.
  • Now click on the security option and then after the security page open to options, click on the change password.
  • Verify your password, and then enter the new password.
  • Confirm the password by re-entering and make sure your password include numeric, specialty character and small and capital letter. The password must be larger than 8 digits so that the account can be secured against the threats.

On the off chance the user is facing troubles with the whole process or stuck somewhere, then the user can call at Hotmail Customer Care Number for the help from the experts and our experts will guide through each step carefully. Do not hesitate when encountering troubles and call.

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